**EarlyBird registration happening now! Use the Promocode: EARLYBIRD to get $5 off your race registration. Limited time only!
                     **EarlyBird registration happening now! Use the Promocode: EARLYBIRD to get $5 off your race registration. Limited time only!                                             

Race Info

Run 4 Refugees is race event organized completely by volunteers. It's mission is to raise money and support Refugee Rescue efforts in international Refugee camps. This year's race will be held August 3, 2019 at 8am at Skyridge High School (3000 N. Center Lehi)  


Even if you're not a runner or a racer there are many ways you can get involved. Click here to find out more about becoming a sponsor of the race! 





Volunteers are crucial to making a successful event and there are lots of ways to help out and donate your time, services or efforts! Check out our Volunteer link for more information!



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